All About Children

What to cook for breakfast - expert advice

Many moms are thinking about having a baby for breakfast. And if at the age of one to two, the kid usually eats everything that he is offered, then, as he grows older, he begins to cheer. This is not due to the whims and whims, as many parents think, but with the formation of the character of a ...

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Baby jealousy - the reasons to prevent it

Each of us in one way or another is familiar with the complex, controversial and unpleasant feeling that appears and manifests itself in relation to the closest, most valuable to us people. This is a feeling of jealousy. It often occurs unexpectedly for ourselves, the very insignificant things c...

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How to praise the child correctly - the rules

Consider the situation on the example. Olga has 2 boys. One of them is already in adolescence, precisely in such a situation when communication between parents and children is very difficult. He can scream, just scream in any situation when he's bad and when it's good. The son tries to hurt her ...

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