Diseases Of The Joints

Back muscle myositis, symptoms and treatment

Miositis is a disease that results in muscle inflammation. During this disease, inflammatory foci are formed in the muscular tissues, which may have solid and painful nodules. The risk of this disease is that it can flow into a chronic form, thereby causing muscle atrophy. Very common for today ...

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Back pain at night - causes and cure

The main problem behind back pain is a pain that can not always be fixed quickly. She is treated with injections, pills, ointments, special exercises, and massage. And sometimes it is necessary to address osteopath and manual therapists, or to carry out complex risky operations, if the applied m...

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Exercises from heel spurs

The tasks that help to resolve therapeutic exercises, are the normalization of the circulation of the foot and the stretching of plantar fascia. It is the fractures of the fascia that lead to severe pains. To prevent manifestations of pain attacks with heel spurs, in many cases, it is possible t...

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