Sodium picosulfate: drugs, instructions for use

Each medicinal product contains some active ingredient. In some preparations, there are several such components. In this case, the manufacturer can give any trade name of the drug, but the principle of its work will be unchanged. Existing drugs include sodium pikosulfat. The price of medicines on its basis and their trading names will be presented to you in the article. You will also learn about the specifics of the use of this medication.
Sodium picosulfate: drugs, instructions for use

Characteristic of Active Substance

What is Sodium Picosulfate? This is an active component of some laxatives. It stimulates the nerve receptors of the intestine, enhances its peristalsis, softens fecal masses and facilitates the act of defecation. The main substance is formed by hydrolysis under the action of beneficial microorganisms inhabiting the intestines of a person. The drug helps reduce the absorption of electrolytes, as well as water from the digestive tract.

Sodium picosulfate is not absorbed into the systemic circulation, the component does not
participate in the hepatic-intestinal circulation. The action takes about 6-12 hours. Preparations based on sodium picosulfate are not fast-acting laxatives, but they relate to safe medicines.

Sodium picosulfate:

preparations What kind of trade name does this active substance have? Drugs are available in various forms. These may be drops, suspensions, pills or bars. In the pharmacy you can buy the following medicines:
  • "Guttalaks"( 250-350 rubles).
  • "Laksigal"( 200 rubles).
  • "Guttasil"( 150-250 rubles).
  • "Regulax"( 300 rubles).
  • "Slabilin"( 150 rubles) and so on.
  • The composition of medicines may include additional active substances. It is necessary to pay attention to this.

    Sodium picosulfate: drugs, instructions for use

    Indications for use, contraindications for

    Sodium picosulfate is used to treat constipation of different nature and origin. The instructions indicate the following indications for use:
  • weakened intestinal peristalsis;
  • primary and secondary constipation;
  • is the inability to empty the intestines after surgery;
  • climate change and power regime;
  • anal fissures and hemorrhoids;
  • preparation for surgery or rectal diagnosis.
  • It is contraindicated to use medicines in the following pathologies and conditions:
  • increased sensitivity to components;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • bowel obstruction;
  • cystitis;
  • acute abdominal pain;
  • appendicitis.
  • In the first trimester of pregnancy these drugs are not used. In large terms, medications can be used only on the appointment of a doctor and in assessing all the risks for the fetus.
    Sodium picosulfate: drugs, instructions for use

    Sodium Picosulfate: Instructions, Dosage, Usage Scheme

    Preparations used before night sleep. In this case, the desired effect will be obtained immediately after awakening. Medications are taken in the amount of 10 drops for adults and 5-8 for children from 4 years. If the drug is taken in the form of tablets, then sodium picosulphate is used for 2 groats for adults and 05-1 for children. Please note that the medication is prescribed for children under 4 years only by a specialist for the relevant indications.
    Before using the drug, you need to study the annotation. It describes in detail the scheme of reception and the duration of the use of one or another agent. Depending on the response to the initial dose, the volume of the medicine should be adjusted, choosing the most suitable option for itself. When using large portions of medicine, diarrhea may develop, accompanied by stinging pains in the abdomen. Prolonged overdose causes chronic ischemia of the mucous membrane of the colon, urolithiasis, violations of the water-electrolyte balance. With such effects, you should cancel the medicine and carry out the regenerative therapy: rinse the stomach, use sorbents and, if necessary, take anti-diabetic drugs.
    Sodium picosulfate: drugs, instructions for use

    Additional Information

    On the substance of sodium picosulfate consumer feedback is mostly positive. Patients say that with the help of the described drugs they managed to restore normal bowel function. Special attention is paid to the fact that medicines do not cause addiction. But the instruction does not recommend using warehouses for more than 10 days. If, after discontinuation of the medication, the constipation is returned again, you should seek medical advice to find the cause of an illness. When using a sodium substance, picosulfate is recommended to use enough fluids and diet. Medications are poorly combined with broad-spectrum antibiotics. Such drugs can reduce the effectiveness of the laxative. Diuretics, by contrast, increase the likelihood of the development of adverse reactions, in particular violations of the water-electrolyte balance. Good feeling to you!