Wraps from cellulite to clay

Regular wrapping with clay is a very effective procedure for removing cellulite. Due to its influence, metabolic processes, circulation process, anti-inflammatory action, elasticity and smoothness of the skin are normalized.


Clay Mechanism Wraps from cellulite to clay can be done using any cosmetic clay, but the best of all types are black and blue. They include a large number of minerals, enzymes, trace elements, and have a beneficial effect on the beauty and health of the skin. The blue clay is famous for the content of silicon, which restores the connective tissue, which is important for the disappearance of cellulite.

The particles of blue clay during their stay in the thickness of rocks are saturated with electrostatic electricity, which during wrapping has the property to increase the permeability of cell membranes. In this way, the intercellular exchange is intensified, cleansing of cells from unnecessary substances takes place. Carrying out such procedure provides moisturizing o

f the outer layers of the epidermis, increases the processes of sweating, the skin is smooth, its tone increases, cellulite tubers are smoothed out.

Wraps from cellulite with clay

Clay wraps are enough to do for a week 2-3 times a month. During this period, it is necessary to use more fluid and to develop a balanced diet.

Wraps from cellulite with clay will require the presence of blue clay( in powder);body scrub;cellophane and warm blankets;anti-cellulite cream and aroma oil with anti-cellulite effect( orange, lemon or grapefruit).

In a quantity of 100 g of blue clay powder, add a small amount of warm water, stir, trying to achieve a homogeneous mass, similar to sour cream;add aromatic oils there. It is advisable to take a hot bath before the procedure, and after it you can begin to clean the skin with a scrub to remove the keratinous cell layer.

Distribute the clay to the problem areas of the body and wrap it in cellophane. Now you need to arrange for yourself a kind of sauna - wrap up a blanket or warm up.

Wraps from cellulite to clay will be more effective if you can fully relax for 30 minutes. After such a rest rinse the mask with no hot water( so that it is pleasant to the body).

Next you will need an anti-cellulite massage. Perform it as follows: after applying on an anti-cellulite cream gently massage for 10-15 minutes problem areas of a body. In clay mask you can also add cinnamon, mix clay with ground algae.