Makeup for Asian eyes

The East always attracts attention, especially those girls who want to make their image-a jolly. The Asian type of exterior is unique in beauty, so it wants a lot of women to follow it. The desire to get the same unique look and charm led to the appearance of a make-up for Asian eyes. The main purpose of this mae-ape is to highlight the beautiful oriental features of the face, as well as to emphasize the special attractiveness of this type of appearance.

Face type Asian beauty
The features of the appearance of an Asian woman include:
• yellowish face tint;
• narrow, shiny form of eyes;
• Nails forever;
• pronounced form of scythe;
• short and thin eyelashes;
• beautiful lip shape.
Asian Eye Makeup Cosmetics

Asian Color Foundation
As with any other makeup, the Asian make-up begins with tone-leveling the skin with a tonal remedy. Since women with Asian appearance often have a yellowish tint, they are best suited for tonal cream beige, golden, yellowish-brown or caramel tone. The foundation should

not be darker than the natural color of the face.

Blush is recommended to choose natural with peach, bronze or plum tint. Blush will help to add freshness and radiance to the face.
In Asian eye makeup, you can use shades of cold and warm shades. You can also combine two shades, but they must be in harmony with each other. The ideal option - the use of dark gray, green, beige, cream, pearl or coffee shades of shades. It is not recommended to use all shades of red in this makeup, as they create the effect of swollen eyes.

Shadows are better to choose not pearl but matte. Shades of mother-of-pearl may be used only in evening make-up - they should be applied to the inner corner of the eye in order to open the look. Also for the evening out is a great makeup in the style of "smoky eyes".To do this, apply on the eyelids saturated and dark shades of shadow( dark blue, dark brown, purple, etc.).

A binding stroke in the makeup for Asian eyes is using a pencil array or a liquid supply along the line of eyelash growth. For convenience, you can stay on a liquid water-resistant liner, which holds well and does not spread throughout the day.
If you talk about the color of the liner, it can be black, dark brown, purple or blue. The contour must be applied strictly along the lines of the lashes growth from the inner and outer corners of the eye, to the end a little thickening of the arrow. The line is also allowed to extend slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye and lift it up to the temple.

If eyelashes are not happy with their length and density, it is best to use mascara with an elongated effect. It is necessary to paint the upper eyelashes with ink at least twice, on the lower eyelashes it is enough to apply one layer of mascara.
Lipstick( shine)
When creating an Asian-style makeup, you can use lipstick or luster for bright, intense color lips, while lipstick and natural light shades are allowed to be painted.

How to create an Asian
Day Makeup First, you need to align the face color using a tonal basis with a yellowish tinge. To make your face look radiant and fresh, you can add a little pink tint to the yellow tonic cream. It is also necessary to hide all the disadvantages and skin inequalities by the corrector. In addition, with the help of this tool you need to disguise and dark circles under the eyes.
For women with Asian appearance almost always have eyebrows of a beautiful shape. Therefore, special attention should not be paid to them - you can only lightly emphasize them with a special pencil, after which to smear it with a brush.

When creating a day makeup, you need to use shades of natural natural tint - perfect for a yellowish, bronze or golden tone. On the whole face is applied a base in the form of light shadows, then only on a moving eyelid are applied shades of bronze tint.
For drawing arrows, it's best to use a dark brown pencil. Once the line is painted, you need to fuse the liner, highlighting the outer corner of the eye. So the look will be more expressive and deep. After this you need to draw a line and the lower contour of eyelashes. With the help of a fine brush, the liner line should be darkened with shadows.

Apply mascara on the eyelash and tighten it with tweezers. Then repaint them with ink. After that you can powder the face and apply a little blush of warm peach or pink shade. Lips need to be painted with lipstick natural tone.