Botox from wrinkles

The famous "injections of beauty" that make women( and if desired men) visually younger - what is it? What are the threats of prick, are there any complications or contraindications? And in general, is it worth playing candles? So today we will talk about botox. Panacea or botox from wrinkles?
You know that at first, botox was not used for wrinkles. He was used by ophthalmologists to treat strabismus and blepharospasm, while cosmetologists have not been found to smooth the wrinkles around the healing eyes. Then application turned into beauty salons, at first - only for the upper half of the face, to remove the folds on the forehead, around the eyes. Then with his help began to spread nasolabial folds, corners of the lips and other wrinkles on the lower face of the face. Then they got to the wrinkles on the neck. But this is not all.

Botox from wrinkles - principle of action:
The action of botox is based on relaxing muscles: when one of them is weakened, others strain and tighten, together with the

Botox is developed for botulotoxin, known for over a hundred years: the effect of motor nerves stops, botulinum toxin temporarily relaxes muscles. By itself, it is a poison that, when ingested with food, is deadly for a person. However, with a reduction of a thousand times the dosage, it only provides a temporarily relaxing effect on the muscles.
Therefore, one procedure can not contain more than one hundred botulotoxin units, and repeat the Botox procedure no earlier than a month.
The duration of exposure is individual, on average one course of "Botox from wrinkles" is designed to effect up to six months, but depending on the personal qualities of the body, it can be three and twelve months.

What else to know about the Botox Wrinkle Treatment?
As a rule, the drug does not cause allergies, but sometimes it can be a headache and painful feelings. The action of the drug is canceled by some hormonal and tetracycline antibiotics.

Botox from wrinkles - contraindications:
• Botox injections are contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, as well as
• during exacerbation of diseases.
• In addition, Botox injections are contraindicated in people with hemophilia,
, and myasthenia and
, with skin inflammation.

As for the age when cosmetologists recommend making botox from wrinkles, it can be any, but the most effective one is thirty, but after sixty it is necessary to be careful.
The effect of injections begins to appear in about a week, and at this time it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the specialist who conducted the procedure.

For and against the use of botox:
Botox from wrinkles - according to many who have already tried it once, perfectly corrects wrinkles, including deep mimic, and besides, in the process of application of botox, some people are deprived of active mimic manifestations, which allows notdeepen wrinkles even more. Botox is also good as a prevention of early mimic wrinkles. It is not an allergen.

However, the drug also has negative sides, among which:
• Changes in facial expressions, whatever the dose and place of injection.
• When there are many wrinkles, injections cease to help.
• Some people have a psychological dependence, and if they take botox injections too often, then they can stop acting.
• Due to procedures, muscle mobility decreases, resulting in gradual exhaustion.
• Neighboring muscles work in enhanced mode, which will eventually begin to create new wrinkles.

It remains to know what cosmetologists think about beauty patterns - Botox:

It turned out that botulinum toxin can be used to eliminate hyperhydration, that is, abundant sweating. Injections in the axillary basins for six months can solve the problem of excessive sweating. In Hollywood, before the Oscars, some celebrities prick it in their palms, so as not to moore, and also in the sole and foot of the foot. Then you can stay as long as you want on high heights - you will not feel it anyway.
If you have a negative attitude to wrinkle treatment with Botox, then you may first learn how it helps to cope with wrinkles, biorevitalization and mesotherapy?