Masks for face wrinkles

Eternal Youth is the dream of any woman who watches and cares for herself. However, the process of aging irreversible and the first mimic wrinkles appear on the face already at the age of 25 years. But this can easily be avoided and let yourself be beautiful for much longer - if you yourself prepare and apply natural masks for the prevention of wrinkles. Extracts of vegetables, fruits and herbs will nourish the skin with useful substances, preserve youth and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

At the age of 30-35, when wrinkles are already more pronounced, it is worthwhile to start using special masks that offer different cosmetic lines. Will help to remove a significant amount of wrinkles placental masks that make in beauty salons. There you can also make a collagen mask that moisturizes the skin and creates an invisible moisture-retaining layer on the face. But still, no expensive remedies will replace the rejuvenating masks from the natural ingredients that were prepared by nature.

It is easy to apply a mask to your face, but it is worth following some important rules without which the effect of rejuvenation will not be achieved to the full.
First, the mask is applied only to a well-cleaned skin. After applying, the person should not touch, it is best to just relax and relax at this time.
Secondly, only the area around the eyes and mouth should remain intact, since there are specially designed masks for these zones. In addition, applying masks is necessary strictly in the massage lines in the direction of the ears, as if smoothing the skin.

Thirdly, it is not necessary to stretch and squeeze the skin when removing the mask.
Effective anti-wrinkle masks for any type of skin
A very effective anti-wrinkle mask is the application of face masks of aloe leaves for 10-15 minutes. You can also make such a mask: 1 item.lAloe juice mix with 1 tbsp.lwarmed up honey and apply for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. It is also very useful for the skin to just wipe it in the morning with aloe juice.

A good anti-wrinkle mask using citrus juice: 1 tbsp.lrice flour and 2 tablespoons.lMix grapefruit juice in equal proportions with fresh milk and apply for 20 minutes. For dry skin instead of milk, you can use greasy sour cream or cream. Another known mask is using this fruit: mix 2 tablespoons.lpulp of grapefruit and carrot juice with 1 item.lsour cream and rice flour. After 15-20 minutes, clean the skin with a cotton swab, pre-moistened with grapefruit juice, and then with warm running water.
For aging skin wrinkles, a mask based on manna porridge is perfectly suitable. You need to mix 2 tablespoons.lporridge, 1 tbsp.lsalt, 3 tablespoons.lapricot or apple juice and 1 tsp.honeyApply to abundantly for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water. Excellent rejuvenates and a similar mask: chop 1 st.lOnions in a meat grinder and mix with 1 tablespoon.lmilk and honey. Keep on face for 10-15 minutes.

Honey has been proven for a long time, so there are many different masks with its application. For example, 1 tbsp.lHoney mixed with oat flakes in equal quantities, add 2 tbsp.lmilk and 1 st.lblack teaOr stir to a homogeneous mass of 2 tablespoons.lcheese, milk and 1 st.lhoneyApply both masks for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
One can not keep silent about beer yeast masks, 1 tbsp.lwhich should be breeding in milk. The mask should be thick and completely homogeneous. For oily skin, milk is best replaced with sour milk and applied for 15 minutes, and then remove the cotton swab.

Moisturizing masks with dry skin lifting effect
A great tool for dry skin is the following mask: 2 teaspoons.greasy cream, preferably at night, mixed with 0.5 tsp.lemon juice and sour cream. Apply for 20 minutes, and then remove the frozen layer carefully with the reverse side of the spoon and moisten the skin with a tonic. Another 20 minutes to put a mixture of 1 shot down protein and 1 st.llemon juice.
Perfectly nourishes dry skin of essential oils, but in combination with yolk effect doubles. Apply the vegetable oil on the face, and cover with yolk on top. Rinse after 20 minutes. Effective and such a mask: gritted tomatoes mix well with starch and add a few drops of natural oil. Keep on face for about 15 minutes.

A perfectly smooth wrinkle mask, cooked with this recipe: boil potatoes, knead and add a little milk and 1 egg yolk. The hot mask is applied to the face and washed in 10-15 minutes. The skin will become noticeably tender and pleasant, as after a cucumber mask. For it it is necessary 3-4 clauses.lgrated cucumber mixed with 2 tablespoons.lSour cream and keep up to 20 minutes.
Anti-aging masks for oily skin

In this mask for oily skin simultaneously combines the beneficial properties of apples and milk: a small apple to clean and cut into cubes, and then warm in the milk until the calf is formed. Apply for 20 minutes, and at their end, rinse with cold water. Known mask based on kaolin: Mix 1 clay with a teaspoon of low-fat sour cream and add 5 drops of tea oil.

There is also a folk remedy that removes wrinkles with a greasy skin type. Mix 1 tbsp.lstarch from 3 st.lmilk, add 1 tsp.honey and half a spoonful of salt.15 minutes after application, rinse with cool water.
The best masks for the skin around the eyes
The data of the mask should be applied very carefully and kept for 15 minutes. The effect is bound to please you soon, and to mix it requires the following components:
• 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp.honey( on the skin around the eyes).
• 2 pcs.sour cream and 1 tsp.parsley, pre-cut well in rubbing( on the skin forever).
• Wash white bread pulp in warm vegetable oil( under the eyes).
• 2-3 strawberry strawberries and 1 tsp.honeyApply and keep in sight soaked in a homogeneous mass with a cotton swab, and then wipe your eyes with cotton wool pre-soaked in milk.

Different facial masks will surely please your skin, which will reward you with its radiance and freshness.
The above recipes nourish the skin well, tighten it and smooth out wrinkles, which hides and removes virtually all the flaws of the person caused by the aging process.
Make the procedure best during the day several times a week, and after refreshing the face, neck and décolleté with a tonic. You just try - and make sure of the effectiveness and benefit of using the best gifts of nature!