How to draw colored arrows in front of your eyes

This summer, it is not appropriate to look bright, positive paints, as in the old good sixties and eighties. They are also relevant in the make-up: today, the representatives of the beautiful sex are actual colored arrows in front of the eyes and bright saturated shadows. Such an appointment can replace the usual summer makeup, if you can correctly pick your eyes and choose the right colors.

Looking hands are very tempting. The thin line that runs through the upper eyelid with a "tail" visually magnifies the eyes, making them close to the ideal, and also makes the view more open and open. With classic arrows you can go to the party and the office, but today we have colored, bright arrows on the topic.

You will need

Shadows in pencil or color lining;
Transparent liner with sparkles;
wadding sticks;
Simple plastic card;
Extending mascara;
Increases the mirror.


To begin with, define with the desired texture, as well as hints of the liner. Colored arrows can be pain

ted in a variety of ways - pencils, pencil shadows, liners, liquid or gel lining. Choose the one that suits you best, or try something new. For example, the actual water-based shades are now in pencil, they just fit into the eyelids and are easy to hold throughout the day.

With the help of liquid or gel lining you can make the brightest and thin arrows. So, it may not be the first time, but such a make-up can easily last for several hours. To complete the arrows, you will need a flat brush with a beveled edge or a thin, round brush.
As we have said, today in fashionistas in honor of bright colors. They can be shaded with more classic black, gray or dark brown, which will eventually give an unusual, stylish makeup for each day. If you want some expression, try drawing arrows with two bright colors - for example, try to combine blue with golden yellow, turquoise with brick-brown, green and violet. As a rule, a darker color forms on the upper eyelid, and the lighter is lighter on the lower eyelid.

To make the arrows appear brighter and more durable, start by applying the fixing base, then add shades of neutral shade. Magnifying mirror will be needed to simplify the process: put the elbow on the table, giving the hand of the support. Start driving a brush from the middle of the top century to the outer edge of the eye. Then, complete the arrow from the middle to the inner corner.

The first line should be fine, but if there was a burn, correct it with a cotton wand. To make a long arrow, use a plastic card, attaching it to the outer corner of the eye. A pen of a brush may also be suitable. With their help, it is easy to create an even arrow - straight or raised to the temple.
You can make a level line more visible by holding an arrow with a large press. If the color lining was not as bright as expected, you can try drawing it over the black or brown pencil liner - the shade turns out juicier. Often, the bright airliner is not pigmented enough, and this means that for a bright and clear arrow you may need an extra layer of eyeliner. Lower the eyelid by holding the brush as close as possible to the line of eyelash growth. In the outer corner of the eye, the liner line can be connected or left parallel.

If you want something brighter, you can add a glow arrows. Use the spark plugs you want to apply over the colored arrows. And to make the makeup look harmoniously, to paint the eyelashes. You can use an extension of the carcass, it will not interfere with your bright colored arrows.
At parties it will be a suitable option with a bright lane in the lower century. To arrows you face to face, combine colors with a tinge of eyes: all shades of lilac will fit into a caro, blue eyes will look good with yellow, pink and blue tones, and gray-haired lucky most - they will fit any color aileiner.