Masks from wrinkles at home

Every woman dreams of keeping the skin of her face young, elastic, free of wrinkles for as long as possible. Help us with this mask for the face. Please note that such masks from wrinkles at home are useful not only for women of the age, but also for girls from the age of 25 when small wrinkles are just beginning to appear. Of course, there is a large variety of masks on sale, they have their own pros and cons. But today, at home, we prepare `masks of natural ingredients wrinkles that will surely be found in every kitchen.
Masks from wrinkles at home
The first mask - based on ordinary peas.
Pea contains many vitamins and various trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Not for nothing it is used by oriental beauties for rejuvenation of the face. .

To prepare such a mask we will need:
• 2 items.spoons of peas
• 2 tablespoons.spoons of warm water
• 2 tbsp.spoons of natural yogurt

Peas must be washed, dried and milled in a coffee grinder in powder.
Then add warm water, stir, to make a homogeneous mask. When the peas are a little swollen, add yogurt, stir again and leave for a few minutes.
Then apply a mask of wrinkles on the face with a thick layer. In this area, around the eyes and mouth do not touch. After 20 minutes, wash the mask with warm water.
It is desirable to do this procedure at least once a week.
After this mask, the skin becomes tender and velvety, so anyone who needs a face cream may not need it.

Anti-wrinkle masks at home
One more recipe for wrinkle masks at home is called French. You can apply such mask not only on the face, but also on the area of ​​the neck, neck. Prepare this mask on the basis of hard cheese. France has always been famous for its cheeses, which are made from high quality milk, and everyone knows that milk is a real storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. Of course, we are not in France, but now you can find quality cheese on sale.

To prepare the mask we will need:
• 2 items.spoons of grated cheese
• 1 itema spoon of honey
• 1 itemspoon of cream or fatty milk
• 1 egg white

We take hard cheese without mold and additives. Rub on a fine grater. Add honey and mix to a homogeneous mass.
Then add the cream and kill the egg whites. After stirring, apply the mass on the face, neck, area of ​​the neckline.
After drying one layer you can apply another one. Hold the face mask for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.
If necessary, apply a nutritious cream to your face.
And, in the end, we will consider the corporate recipe of masks from wrinkles of People's Artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya.

Pre-skin needs to be prepared, expanded pores. For this we will take one bowl of hot water, the second - with chilled infusion of chamomile or sage. We will alternately immerse terry napkins in a hot and cold liquid and apply it to the face.
The mask contains the following ingredients:
• 1 egg yolk
• 1 st.spoon( incomplete) of cold pressed olive oil
• 2-3 drops of liquid vitamin A( retinol acetate)
• 1 drop of liquid Vietnamese balsam( asterisk)

If you do not like the smell of an asterisk, you can do without it.
The mixture must be thoroughly mixed and warmed slightly in a water bath.
Then, in warm, apply on the face, neck, neck area for several minutes, rinse with warm water. This mask can be done up to 3 times a week.
Please note that if you have an allergy to honey, you should exclude it from the recipes.
Thus, we have considered today a few options for a wrinkle mask at home. There is a great variety and other facial mask recipes. I hope that over time we will return to this topic.

Watch yourself, stay young and beautiful!