Mask from clay from cellulite

The reason for the appearance of cellulite is primarily the contamination of the body with slags and metabolic disorders. The most popular method of solving this problem today is a mask of clay from cellulite.

This tool is very attractive not only for its effectiveness, but also for the absence of side-effects undesirable. The clay is good because it not only possesses excellent cleansing properties for the skin, but also enhances the circulation of blood, restoring to normal metabolism. In addition, the clay has the properties of absorbing slag and poisonous substances. Clay is rich in trace elements that nourish the skin, causing it to rejuvenate.

Since the huge variety of clays existing in nature, it is recommended to use white, blue and black to treat cellulite. The most useful of all kinds is blue clay.
Cellulite clay mask

First, you need to dilute clay in water, preferably mineral. Must leave a mist that resembles the consistency of dense sour cream. Then it is necessary to add essen

tial oils to the resulting mixture, add ground coffee. After these actions, it is necessary to mix the whole mass. It will include:

Clay( better blue) - 3 tablespoons.
Melena coffee - 2 tablespoons.
Thyme oil - 5 drops.
Rosemary oil - 3 drops.

Also, if you wish, you can apply aroma oils of grapefruit, lemon or orange. Sometimes cinnamon is added. Then the recipe will acquire the following composition:

Clay - 3 large spoons.
Cinnamon - 1 large spoon.
Essential oil - up to 3 drops.

Cellulite clay mask is now ready. Apply the mask to the trail on a previously poured body. The resulting mixture quickly rubs the desired area of ​​skin for about 7-10 minutes. The mask can be kept for about one hour, while trying to achieve a general relaxation. At the end of the procedure, it is good to take a bath, which adds sea salt, apple vinegar. A simple, warm bath is also acceptable. It is recommended to repeat the procedure within 1-2 months, preferably every 2 or 4 days( optimally for cellulite removal 1 time per week).

Mask of clay of different types

A widely used mask of a mixture of white and blue clay. Such a mask from clay from cellulite is good in that it uses a large number of trace elements, which enhances the therapeutic effect. It's easy to do. Mix two types of clay in the same proportion. Then water is added until the mixture becomes similar to the thick sour cream. It then rubs the body as it is mentioned above and it stays for about an hour. Then you need to rinse the mask with water, then lightly massage the body with a brush, but not to excessively irritate the skin.