Mineral makeup in makeup

Even in ancient times, women used mineral cosmetics to make themselves beautiful and attractive. Green eye shadow from copper powder or carcass from sheep's fat and the smallest particles of lead - all this has remained in the past when the modern technologies of making decorative cosmetics appeared.
Mineral cosmetic products began to appear again in the 70s of the last century. Plastic surgeons recommended applying them to celebrities in order for the skin to recover more quickly after plastic surgery. Today, women tend to use more natural care products for body and face, so mineral cosmetics are regaining popularity.

What Is Mineral Makeup?
Mineral cosmetics are made from natural stones, which are pre-ground into fine powder. Also included inorganic pigments. The cosmetics based on minerals are hypoallergenic, so it is suitable even for very sensitive skin. In addition, it does not contain parabens, artificial dyes, alcohol, preservatives and other harmful substances.
Titanium dioxide and zinc oxi

de are part of mineral cosmetics and protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, relieve itching and irritation. Mica helps to disguise wrinkles, quartz gives a maturing effect, and malachite protects against the effects of bad ecology.

With mineral makeup you can hide freckles, pigmented spots, scars, inflammation and dark circles under your eyes, and even tone the skin and create a perfect make-up using a harmonious color palette.

Advantages of mineral cosmetics
Mineral cosmetics have a lot of advantages. After application of the makeup, the impression of complete naturalness is created, while the skin becomes silky, shining and simply perfect.
Among the advantages of mineral cosmetics you can distinguish:
• completely natural composition;
• Effect of smooth, silky, radiant and fresh skin;
• Mineral-based products are suitable for all types of skin;
• solving problems such as acne, irritation and black dots on the face;
• application security;
• effectively hides any defects or skin defects, including wrinkles;
• ultraviolet protection( natural sunblock filter SPF 15);
• Easy to use and economical.

How to use mineral makeup
If you apply mineral makeup properly, it will last all day long, so that you will not need to correct makeup, and the face will still look great.
Mineral cosmetics should be applied only on clean and well-moisturized skin. Be sure to wait until the cream is dry, as the face should be dry. If the moisture is not absorbed, the foundation will lie uneven, which will eventually spoil the entire makeup.

Mineral Makeup Technique
A special role in this type of mee-ape is played by fresh and well-groomed skin, so you need to devote a lot of time and effort to gently apply the mineral foundation and powder to your face. Mineral cosmetics should be as close as possible to the skin, therefore, the technique of its application is slightly different from the rules of the use of ordinary cosmetics.

Liquid Mineral Base
On a flat surface, remove one portion of the base. Then take a special brush and, by typing a little bit on its tip, apply the base by moving from the center of the face to its edges. With the help of light, rubbing movements of the brush, distribute the base throughout the skin, gently rubbing it in the face.
Try to do everything thoroughly and evenly. Particular attention is paid to applying the base to the T-zone, the area of ​​the wings of the nose and nasolabial folds. If you are using a toned mineral base, make sure that you do not see the transition to the neck.

Lacoste Mineral Base( Powder)
Shake a jar of powdered powder before use. That part of the crumbling powder that rests on the inner surface of the lid, and is your norm for one half of the face. Try to adhere to this rule, because it is very important that the powder layer turns out to be really thin.
Take a comfortable brush for mineral powder and collect the tool from the cap on the brush with circular motions. Excess powder should be shaken. After that, turn the brush upside down and tap it on a hard surface - the minerals should be distributed throughout the length of the pile. If the nutrients are not found inside the brush, the powder will fall on the skin with a non-uniform layer.

Rotate the brush perpendicular to the face and gently pour the powder into the first half of the face, then to the other. You ought to polish your skin. Move from the contour of the face to the center. When all the powder appears on the face, walk on it from the top down the "empty" brush - these movements smoothed the existing hairs.
According to the technique of application, pressed mineral powder practically does not differ from the lacquer basis. In this case, you do not need to shake, but you need to collect the powder on the brush from the surface of the funds. The main rule is not to take a lot of powder.

You can also use mineral makeup in the form of shadows or lipstick when you make up your makeup. The drawing options can be used to select the ones that are most suitable for you. Mineral makeup with skillful application will give you the perfect look and create a truly memorable attractive image.